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American Iron Works is proud to introduce our newest hose restraint. Whip stops, sometimes called cable stops, are the new best way to restrain high pressure hoses. The whip stop has a unique design that prevents the very real and unpredictable whipping of a high pressure hose during a failure. The real genius behind these new designs is the woven steel that grips and tightens over a large area of the hose as it suppresses and confines the hose that has ruptured.

The whip stop is just one more way for a company to make a potentially dangerous workspace much safer for employees. The whip stop is also one more way to prevent a good deal of damage to adjacent equipment if there were to be a high pressure breakdown. We would recommend a whip stop for any high pressure applications- whether they be air, hydraulic, water, etc.

We can provide all sizes of two leg whip stops and we can fabricate any custom adjustment to better fit your needs. Just call us. The length, the number of anchor points, -can be made to order.

For the industries that require a tagged system, AIW can supply test certifications and traceability.